Finding a Quality Removalist

Sometimes making the decision to move is actually the easiest part of the process unless you happen to hire a quality mover that is.  Making the right decision will ensure that you have a smooth transition from the old to the new and everything in between.  Here are some tips on how to find the right company.

Tips to find high quality, professional removalists

  1. Professional movers should be able to handle residential and commercial relocations whether it is across the city or into a different state. They will have the appropriate trucks and manpower to address all of these needs and ensure that it can be accomplished within a required timeframe based on an organized schedule.  If they are not able to efficiently communicate this to you then they may not be set up to handle and you need to go to the next name on the list.
  2. Request a home visit or go to the office so that you can have a first-hand look at the presentation and professionalism of their representatives. Movers handle personal and fragile items that are valuable to you and your family.  This visit allows you to verify that their staff acts in a business-like manner through their dress code and conduct when discussing details and contracts so that you can have peace of mind that your items will be treated with respect and attention.
  3. The schedule is important especially if you are moving a business or relocating for a new job.  The last thing that you need is to have delay on their end where you are now losing money because the items are not in the location at the agreed upon time.  Verify the pack and delivery date and make sure that it is in writing on the documentation so that you have an accountable standard.
  4. Every company is different but there are some foundational services that should be standard for all experienced movers.  This includes packing, loading and transportation of all items that are removed from the starting location and should be carefully delivered to the final destination.  It includes understanding the best way to pack a truck so that items are not shifting, breaking and falling on top of each other leaving a dishevelled mess when it comes time to unpack.  This should be part of their original estimate and quote provided to you along with any special requests from the customer or additional services that they may provide.
  5. Ask if the company owns the trucks or if they are leased out from a third party.  This can affect equipment insurance and how it is maintained in between uses.  You don’t want to be stuck with a large bill because they do not have the proper credentials or have let inspections and routine maintenance expire.
  6. Check around for recommendations and the Internet to find out if they have a solid reputation for doing a good job and delivering on customer expectations.

Here at Fair Traders we highly recommend taking a look at This service allows you to not only get removalist quotes, but also compare previous customer reviews and testimonials. is another useful website for researching company feedback.

The above tips are guidelines to help you successfully find and hire the best removalists in your area and ensure that your move occurs with the least amount of stress possible!